T-Rex Bite

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Tests with a bio mechanic metal skull. Is the T-Rex a close relative to the Alligator?


Unlike the movie Jurassic park the Velociraptor is more like the size of a turkey, weighing up to 33 lbs and about 6 1/2 feet long which is mostly made up by their tail. There are larger versions like the Utahraptor. They rained mostly in the Asian lands near and in Mongolia.
The raptor pictured above lived on our planet approximately 71 to 75 million years ago.

Their arm's bone structure is much like that of the modern day bird. These dinosaurs had three fingered claws with the middle one the longest (2.6 inches long).

Orkoraptor Burkei

I know this video is a year old but its interesting that there still finding knew kinds of dinosaurs. Found in 2001 but it took 7 years to identify it as a knew specious. Named after the "toothed river"(Orkoraptor)and Coleman Burke (Burkei).

Found in California

Bones in California? Is it just me or does that seem weird?

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3D picture from Jurassic Park. This particular Dinosaur is a brachiosaur. (genus Brachiosaurus), or Saurischia. The brachiosaur was around in the late Jurassic to mid Cretaceous period, with forelegs that were longer than the hind legs.The first brachiosaur tooth was found somewhere in Asia.
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